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Intentional Intuitive Painting



a painting date with the soul

27 FEBRUARY 2018
2:00 - 5:00 PM

Art allows us to express ourselves, bringing thoughts and visions onto material. When we make art, it is like a spiritual practice, our mindfulness is increased by allowing ourselves to connect with our intuition. When we paint from the inspired heart space, we will discover more about our purpose, explore what we really want for our future and stay present with our expression.

Intentional Intuitive Painting is a process of blending intention and intuition. One makes a conscious decision to paint a subject, but the process is guided by intuition (example colors, lines, shapes, symbols, elements)

Intentional Intuitive benefits us by giving us a chance to

  • create a positive intend when making art
  • helps to discover our soul’s message / nudges / lessons
  • use it as a tool for personal growth - can be used as a priming piece of artwork / vision board / reminder

In this 3-hr workshop, I share simple techniques to give you the confidence to paint & draw using acrylics on stretched canvas.  I'll share my stories + experience, techniques and my styles with acrylic paints, inspirations & pitfalls as we explore the quest of making art together over a pot of tea or coffee.

We'll cover basic color theory, learn how to follow intuition and get into the creative flow, how to discover your personal symbols, how to incorporate symbols in your art, the fun of naming & signing your artwork, as well as basics artwork painting protections.

As the afternoon unfolds, we will each be having fun painting our own masterpieces from our creative souls together. We end the session by sharing our messages, thoughts, new breakthroughs or whatever inspired take-aways that came up during the process.

I'll supply the materials, you just need to show up with your heart. :)

This workshop is open to beginners and all skill levels. No art training or prior experience required.

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