Studio Update - Why is there a bed in my studio?

This is how my studio currently looks like this month (May 2019). Yes! There is a bed in my studio! It is actually my sofa bed, which is convertible. The thing is, my studio was left unoccupied most of the time for the past 3 months because it was hard for me to climb upstairs to paint (due to the leg accident). 

Elaine Wong Art Studio May 2019 -1.jpg
Elaine Wong Art Studio May 2019 - 2.jpg
Elaine Wong Art studio May2019 - 3.jpg

So I decided to convert it into a temporary coliving room, ala art residency style to selected artist applicants who wish to spend an artsy getaway at my creative coliving space, The Hatchery Place. Doesn’t it look cozy to you? 😻

The plan is, when I'm not working on big canvas projects in there, I would let other artists who wants to stay here to utilize this room. If you are traveling to Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur, and would like to customize a creative retreat at my space, you can click here to apply and check our availability. 🎨🏠

My current work in progress, life updates and Patreon Page
Work in Progress pic.jpg

A sneak peek into what I'm currently working on. This is a slow piece, I'm taking a long time to do this, I will explain and write about it when I'm done..

May2019 Work in Progress.jpg

Another clearer view of the pencil outlines before the colours. I've not shown the world yet, as this piece is really close to my heart.. :) What do you think it means? :D

More details added..

More details added..

Painting in May2019.jpg
Me painting on wheelchair.jpg
Painting on a wheelchair.jpg

Me, painting on my wheelchair ^^ I've posted about my accident here

What I've been up to this week?

My routine has been toned down ever since my broken leg in Feb'19. My focus nowadays is mostly on working on the contents of my Patreon page. Yes, I’ve just started a Patreon Page!! I'm making a time-lapse video of my latest artwork, writing about my art insights, and compiling some pictorial step-by-step so I can share it there for my patrons. If you’re interested in supporting my art, please head over to to my Patreon page and pledge for me ^^

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get if you join my  Patreon  family:

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get if you join my Patreon family:

As for my daily routine, I'm also working on commission work, and running my creative space, The Hatchery Place. I have a few awesome peeps coliving with us right now, and in some evenings, I'm spending time mingling and having dinner with the Hatcherians. I've also been busy with physiotherapy for my leg, as I really need to build my leg muscles up so I can walk again real soon. 

And if you enjoy looking at time lapse painting videos, I’ve posted some on my new YouTube channel. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you’ll be notified when I post new videos :)

To connect with me on social, find my Instagram here, and my Facebook Page here.

Have a happy week ahead!